EP2: Tour of our traditional Japanese room at Matsubaya Ryokan, Kyoto

Ginkakuji 銀閣寺

Kyoto Travel Guide

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I was super excited to stay in a traditional Japanese style room during our time in Kyoto. Usually Ryokan’s are super expensive because they offer Kaiseki dinners and onsen (spa) facilities. Mastubaya Ryokan does not offer either of these services and the room rate was much closer to a regular hotel room. The staff were really nice and the room was very comfortable.

Japan, 〒600-8150 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Kamijuzuyacho, 通東洞院西入

We booked our stay via hotels.com:

The Ryokan is approx. 10-15mins walk from Kyoto station and has a temple pretty much on its doorstep. Traditional Japanese breakfasts are offered every other day and they also offer a Japanese bath you can book to relax in.

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