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Ginkakuji 銀閣寺

Kyoto Travel Guide

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Day 7 of our Japan trip and we spent the day exploring Kyoto!

We started the day by visiting Teramachi street (寺町通) where we went shopping, checked out the street food at Nishiki Market (錦市場), tasted delicious donuts at Koé Donuts Kyoto (コエ・ドーナツ京都) and visited a Bengal Cat and Owl forest.

After exploring Kyoto Downtown we went to see Kiyomizudera Temple, however after a long walk up to the temple it was already closed.

The evening was spent on a roof top bar, In the moon. (インザムーン), eating sushi at Ganko Sanjo Honten (和食・三条本店) and ended up at POP BAR

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