TRADITIONAL Kyoto Food Tour with Magical Trip (Exploring Gion & Pontocho) || 祇園とポンチョの食べ物


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Tonight, we embark on an epic Kyoto food tour with Magical Trip to track down some of the most traditional dishes of the area. We visit three restaurants in the Gion and Pontocho areas and try some unique and creative things. If you’ve never heard of Magical Trip, they offer small group tours with local guides. The tours are so much fun and because they led by a local guide, it feels like you’re just hanging out with friends. Those are our favorite kind of tours. Oh, and the Kyoto Night Foodie Tour was super family friendly (we’ll link below to our specific tour, but they have many!).

Each region of Japan is known for different specialties so on this Kyoto food tour, we wanted to sample some of the most well known dishes in the area. Tofu skin, tempura, and even matcha beer. Just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a link to the tour:

Full disclosure, Magical Trip gave us the tour for free, but otherwise no compensation was given. All the opinions are ours with no outside influence. Any links from us are just links for convenience – no compensation for us!

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