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Kyoto Travel Guide

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We finally got the opportunity to visit an "eagerly-awaited" bucket-list destination of ours – JAPAN!!

We got flights from London Heathrow to Kansai Airport. We explored Japan for nearly three weeks and were lucky to cover a lot of the places we wanted to visit.

The first stop/city in our trip was KYOTO.

Kyoto is a must-visit place for any trip to Japan. It is full of Buddhist temples, Shrines and Zen Gardens. It offers a true blend of modern and historic Japan, with a strong emphasis on the cultural aspects of Japanese life. It is not as technology-focussed as Tokyo, so offers you the chance to experience the traditional aspects of Japanese culture and history.

To say that we "enjoyed" our time in Kyoto is a complete understatement. We truly loved our experience of this city and the surrounding areas, and will definitely be back soon to explore the areas we weren’t able to cover in this trip.

This is our 5 DAY TRAVEL GUIDE for Kyoto and some of the nearby must-visit places to Kyoto.

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