Autumn colors in KYOTO, JAPAN | Kyoto Travel Guide

Nijo Castle 二条城

Kyoto Travel Guide

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Where: Kiyomizu dera 清水寺
Location: Kyoto, Japan | 日本、京都

Today we are continuing with this Kyoto vlog on our trip in Kyoto, Japan! All of Japan is beautiful during autumn but Kyoto in the fall is particularly beautiful. I thought it might be helpful to create a Kyoto Japan travel guide to show you the parts that are worth seeing and the parts that you can skip. I hope you enjoy!

Today we are heading to a very popular part of – Kiyomizu Dera Temple Kyoto. What many people don’t know is that the “dera” in Kiyomizudera actually means temple! Ease of public transit makes Kyoto Travel that much easier and smoother. I hope you find the beginning of this Kyoto Travel Guide helpful!

The purpose of this channel is to hopefully give people an honest look at life in Japan, give you the tools to experience it in an authentic way and get outside of the typical Japan Travel Tips. There is so much of Japan to see that isn’t covered in the typical guide books and I hope my future Tokyo vlog will help people access those experiences. For the first few months however, I will be putting out more of the typical Japan vlogs and helpful videos to get you around this city!

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy this Japan vlog!


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