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Nijo Castle 二条城

Kyoto Travel Guide

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Join me walking through Kyoto’s Nijo Castle and Imperial Palace. Judge for yourself if it is worth it to see the two in person, if not you can just watch this video. Unfortunately, Parts of Nijo Castle was under construction.

This is just part 1 of many more videos to come of Kyoto. Kyoto is currently the most visited destination by tourists in Japan. Unfortunately, most tourists don’t get a chance to see all of Kyoto, because of time restraint. I will try to visit all the best places in Kyoto for the next month so please join me and subscribe, like, or click the bell notification. I will be making weekly vlogs and hopefully they get better and better.

About me: I am a Korean American living in Osaka and I love to travel. My dream/goal is to make enough money off YouTube where I can travel and live so I can bring more travel videos to viewers.


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