BEST KYOTO JAPAN 〜Kinkaku-ji Temple〜  京都 観光ランキング TOP 金閣寺

Fushimi Inari Shrine 伏見 稲荷

Kyoto Travel Guide

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Japan has a interesting and fascinating culture. Especially Kyoto has a characteristic mysterious atmosphere ;temple, shrine,food,music and so much more, because of the perfect combination of ancient and modern Japan.
I am Japanese,living in Kyoto,Japan. I have been exposed to traditional Japanese culture.I want to offer information, and travel guidance over Youtube. When you travel Kyoto Japan in 2019, check my travel guide please.
I hope this video will help the information that you travel Kyoto,Japan.
In the future,I will offer the information and guidance of Japanese food,Japanese music,Japanese sightseeing spot in Japan.
Thank you 🙂

very cool!

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