The Ultimate Sake Tour In Kyoto, Japan

Byodo-in Hoo-do 平等院鳳凰堂

Kyoto Travel Guide

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Want to experience a rock star tour of the world’s greatest sake district? This is hands down the best food & drink tour we’ve ever done.

Kyoto is the historic capital of Japan — The name ‘Kyoto’ literally translates to ‘Capital City" and this charming slice of old-school Japan offers a stunning range of cultural heirlooms and tasty traditions. The most notable of these traditions is arguably the craft of sake brewing; the bountiful underground springs in the precinct contain some of the purest waters on the planet, and the Japanese wasted no time in transforming this natural gift into the wondrous elixir known around the world as Sake. On this tour, you’ll have a chance to sample around 25 different sakes while learning about the historic Fushimi district of Kyoto. You’ll tour a 400-year-old brewery and dine at a traditional Japanese restaurant — it doesn’t get any more authentic or memorable than this.

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