Kyoto Top 8 Must-Visit Places

Ginkakuji 銀閣寺

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Kyoto Japan Travel Guide – Kyoto Top 8 beautiful must visit places especially for first time tourist. If you want to know where to go in Kyoto, then this is your Kyoto Guide as this is a guided tour through the most amazing and scenic spots in all of Kyoto. We visit popular places like hanamikoji, arashiyama bamboo grove, kamogawa, and less traveled places like kyutei omuro and keage incline. These Kyoto spots will also serve as some ideas on things to do in Kyoto. As Kyoto tourism grows these kyoto tourists spots do get crowded during the day, so I do recommend that you go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

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Kyoto Guide to Must Visit Places Time Stamps and Linkss

0:38 – 8. Kamogawa River

1:18 – 7. Kyutei Omuro

1:58 – 6. Yasaka Koshindo

2:29 – 5. Ninenzaka / Nineizaka

2:59 – 4. Keage Incline

3:27 – 3. Kinkakuji

3:57 – 2. Hanamikoji Street

4:49 – 1. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Kyoto – Top 10 Things to Do

Kamogawa River

We’re starting at one of Kyoto’s most scenic spots, Kamogawa. Locals have referred to it in the past as Blue Dragon or the river where gods live.

During the Edo period, Kyoto became a gorgeous geisha quarter and the locals often spent time at Kamogawa cooling off at the restaurants and bars on the river and shallows. There used to be about 400 shops back in the day, but were taken away due to levee works and are now being slowly rebuilt since the Showa period.

Worth noting is that Pontocho street runs parallel to this river and you can see many of it’s restaurants extend towards the river with temporary terraces called Seiryotoko. Definitely worth enjoying a meal or drink at one of these spots if you are around during this time.

It’s also perfect afternoon spot in the spring and summer months to have a picnic or a cold beer with friends.

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