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Join us for another Japan travel vlog as we head from Takayama to Kyoto by bus. After a torrential downpour in Takayama for days on end buses and trains had been canceled for days. It appeared our bus was going to be canceled as well so we prepared to stay an extra night in Takayama. Fortunately, for us, the highways had been inspected thoroughly – after the heavy rains – and we were given the green light to head to Kyoto. For dinner on the bus, I quickly grabbed sushi with salmon, chips, snickers and mango snacks from Family Mart.

The bus journey itself was the most scenic we’ve been on in Japan. We passed through quaint villages, meandered through mountain tunnels and gasped at the lakes, rivers and forests we saw along the way.

At one of the rest stops, we saw the biggest collection of Japanese vending machines in one area selling coffee. As we continued the journey the landscape turned from mountains to farmland with bigger cities along the way. I ended up grabbing more sushi which ended up being really disappointing.

We ended up arriving in Kyoto earlier than we had anticipated at 9:15 pm. After trying to figure out local transportation, we gave up too exhausted and confused and decided to just leg it to our apartment. It ended up being a longer walk than we had anticipated so by the time we arrived at our apartment in Kyoto we just went straight to bed.

We pick things up in the morning for breakfast at Komika’s Coffee serving contemporary Japanese breakfast serving Danish pastry with soft serve ice cream. I got toast with red Azuki beans with an iced coffee.

Our apartment in Kyoto was small but tidy with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and tiny dining area. The price for the bus tickets was $40 USD per from Takayama to Kyoto. If you’re looking to save money taking the bus in Japan is a good travel option.

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Hey guys! We are Samuel and Audrey, a vlogging travel couple from Canada. In this travel channel we share our travel and food vlogs while touring the world. Our most recent trip was to Japan where we spent 2 months traveling around the country and visiting the following destinations: Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Takayama, Yokohama, Odaiba, Shirakawa-gō and Takao.

During our stay, we visited a mixture of big cities and small rural towns, where we enjoyed eating Japanese street food, trying traditional Japanese cuisine, visiting local attractions and staying in unique accommodations (such as capsule hotels and ryokans) that we are now going to share with you on this channel. The combination and contrast of visiting futuristic cities and traditional countryside areas is what makes travel to Japan so fascinating. Ultra modern versus traditional. This is the essence of Japan.

Our trip to Japan was unforgettable and until now it is one of our favorite countries that we have come to know. However, we only feel as though we just scratched the surface on this trip to Japan. If you want to see more videos from Japan in the future, let us know in the comments that places you’d like us to travel to and food experiences you would like to see on this travel channel.

Have you traveled to Japan before? What was your experience like? Please share your Japan travel tips, advice and experiences in the comments below.

Thanks again for watching our Japan series! Until next time!

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This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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