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Temple of the Golden Pavilion 金閣寺

Kyoto Travel Guide

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These are my highlights from my time in Kyoto, plus a day trip to Nara.

I went to:

*The Kiyomizu Dera temple – I highly recommend it for sunset, best view of the city, with the beautiful golden hour.

*Arashiyama Bamboo Forest – Definitely come early, before 8a or 9a to beat the crowds, I probably could have skipped this.

*Fushimi Inari Shrine – I came early, and super glad I did! Also its a mountain, so if you wanna see the whole complex be prepared for a minimum 45 min hike up a lot of stairs to the top of the mountain.

*Day trip to Nara – Don’t skip Nara Park, it is probably one of the best times I had. I paid 150 yen to feed the deer and it was a blast.

*Yasaka Shrine – Didn’t realize that at night it is all lit up with beautiful purple lights. A lot of street venders also line up their stalls and I got to try the famous takoyaki, which is basically a pancake ball with octopus inside.

I really love this city, all the old city vibes really allowed me to imagine Japan 100 years ago!

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